Child's Pump n Play Water Resource

Child's Pump n Play Water Resource

As a ready made all-in-one, our children's water play unit is a great option for Kindergartens, Day-cares, Montessori, Kohanga Reo and alike.

The perfect height for little ones, they'll be learning and entertained while pumping water for hours!

• Slatted lid to enable water to trickle back into barrel
• Bung at rear of barrel for ease of emptying
• Cast Iron Pump - easy pump action handle that kids can operate
• Pipe & Fittings
• Brass Tap at front for emptying

"Playing with water supports learning across all strands of Te Whariki.  In particular, it supports the Exploration strand, where children gain confidence in and control of their bodies, and where they learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning."

NOTE - These Cast Iron water pumps will develop some surface rust over time If left outside in the elements. Regular spray with Silicon, or some other protective coating will reduce this.

We have supplied dozens of centres throughout the country.

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Please allow approx 7 day turnaround as we make to order.

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